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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Alpine Helicopters' Magical Ride to Powder Skiing

Clients are flown to Chatter Creek by Alpine Helicopters Ltd. The flight departs from Golden airport in mid-afternoon and takes about 20 minutes. Two flights each of a Bell 407 and a Bell 212 are used twice a week to transfer 36 clients in and 36 out. Transfer days are Tuesdays and Fridays, breaking each week into a 3-day tour and a 4-day tour.

The flight passes north from Golden to Kinbasket Lake and Bush Arm. On cloudy days, the flight path turns east to follow Bush Arm for a short distance before turning north again and following the Chatter Creek drainage as it rises slowly to the elevation of the lodge.

In clear weather, the flight path rises as it approaches the Lake, continues straight across Bush Arm and over the high ridges that separate Chatter Creek from the Columbia Valley. It is a spectacular flight.

To locate Golden BC, look at our Where is Chatter Creek Weblog.


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